Love Himself


It’s no wonder why so many people visit White Rock or decide to live here… It has to be the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

The temperature never exceeds 75 degrees, humidity is rare, the most rain you get here is some drizzling, the view of the Pacific and the Rockies is always breathtaking, restaurants like Charlie Don’t Surf and Tim Hortons blow your tastebuds away, food and drinks always taste fresh (since they don’t have additives), people say you gain 10 years of your youth back living here… and Surrey, Steveston, and Vancouver don’t disappoint, either.

The real reason I’m falling in love with this place, though, is the people.

I’ve met quite a few so far, all from many different places and cultures. I’ve been able to talk to senior adults during their last weekly lunch at Salvation Army Church; begin volunteering at the Evergreen Baptist Campus of Care (nursing homes are called care homes here); hang out with teens from a local Chinese church; and talk about life with Christina, a woman whose thrift shop supports medical relief efforts in Haiti.

I’ve heard about life-long careers and wonderful families from some of the precious Evergreen residents, while the others have had most of their memory stolen from them by dementia.

Christina has shared about the Lord’s goodness in her life and her aspiration to give desperately-needed medical help in Haiti, while tarot-card readers, psychics, and a New Age store also line Marine Drive.

I’ve worshiped Christ with joyful and loving Chinese teens, while I’ve also witnessed people wholeheartedly worship and give offerings to thousands of their gods at a Buddhist temple.

People’s walls here are high. This place is shattered (to extents I’d never seen before) by pain, lies, and the desire to just run, but GOD is greater. His love is greater than the deepest pain and the greatest lie and the strongest desire. And that’s why we’re here.

It’s only been a week, but I’m already so thankful for this opportunity to step out of the noise of home to hear the Lord’s voice. To let Him heal my heart that, like so many others in White Rock, has been broken and torn. To see Him in the lives of Earl, Meridith, and Christina, who all passionately follow Jesus. To be face-to-face with Love Himself, although I’ll never be enough to sing His praise. To show people here the truth of who He is and who He has created us to be: His children.

“Behold the bright and risen Son, more beauty than this world has known. I’m face to face with Love Himself–His perfect, spotless righteousness. A thousand years, a thousand tongues are not enough to sing His praise.” — Rend Collective, ‘Boldly I Approach’


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